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99 air balloons

by on May.29, 2013, under footage, play

This is the edit of around 50Gb of footage & stills I filmed at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta over the weekend of the 9th – 12th of August 2012, and promptly forgot about/had to put to one side due to a massive workload at the time and only now have I eventually made the time to finish this, current as ever, haha…

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Diamond geezers

by on Apr.30, 2013, under motion design, news

Another collaboration with Gav Strange! This time around it was part of the launch for 50-50 skate shop’s Diamond Supply Co. collection -

Gav – “Hey Ciaran, I’ve done this 50-50 x Diamond graphic, think you can animate it for the launch night?”
Me – “Yep, no probs, hit me up with the .AI file and I’ll see what I can do…”

Short while later, after much awkward 3D modelling, mainly trying to get it to match the flat 2D design, this came together – personally, I’m digging the refractions & reflections parts at the beginning. We projected it out on the walls of the building across the road and had it looped on TVs & monitors in-store for added sexiness – check the instagram nerd-fest for more.

Thanks to Gav and all at 50-50 for getting me involved, as ever, it’s always a pleasure.


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Spare keys

by on Feb.26, 2013, under motion design, news

Clean forgot about this badboy and recently found it lurking in a dark corner of my hard drive.  Dating back to late 2011, this was another fun-to-do collaboration with JamFactory on a pitch project which didn’t get picked up by the blokes with all the cash.  Too bad, as it had potential to take over the world.  More info over yonder…


No news/good news

by on Dec.06, 2012, under news

Here’s a massive amount of work I did for Skinflicks’ TV ad for Betfair back in August & September – one of those jobs that lasted quite a while, partly as I also did the 3D work for the print campaign, yet a project that helped me learn a barrel-load of new skills, tricks and workflow techniques.

Click here for more info…

In the meantime, a large site update and new work is “in progress…”

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2011 – the year when a lot happened…

by on Jan.09, 2012, under news

2011 was super busy for me, thanks to all the agencies and companies who got me involved and were down for some collaborative all-round radness. Here’s a few of my favourite motion graphics pieces from during the year…

Karmarama: KTV news

Back toward the end of April when we were all enjoying the unseasonably warm days, with a pair of 4 day weekends back to back, this neat little project swung by my way – a short news sting for a fictional news broadcast by London agency Karmarama. In and out the door in a couple of days, woo-hoo!

Evoque Live

This is a short edit of a collection of shots I made for the lavish launch show for Range Rover’s Evoque series in May 2011. The tune comes from the soundtrack to the show, though we originally used a different, orchestral sound for this section. I’ve re-rendered a few shots to get them to a more eyeball/monitor friendly size – the original pieces weighed in at a neck twisting 3600px x 360px.

Hyundai i40

Toward the end of November, Hyundai wanted some motion graphics pieces to help reveal their new i40 car. This is what I made with 3 studio photos of the car. Hyped on this one, turned out good!
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