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Me telling you just how great I think I am while I mince about on an apartment roof on Fichtestraße in Berlin, trying to look cool…

I’m a freelance motion designer, from Dublin, living in Bristol since 2004.

I make downright killer motion graphics, 3D visuals, logo animations, explainer vids and other assorted moving imagery for web, TV and film, all lovingly, skillfully and painstakingly done with a combination of After Effects & C4D alongside Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere and whatever else is to hand on PCs and Macs with equal strength, style & savoir faire.

Software I use & assorted stuff I’m good at:

Needless to say,  I bring a shitload more good stuff to the table, aside from my rugged, handsome face, athletic frame, engaging, humour-filled charisma, unfeasibly large head & comedy accent.  Getting involved with a wide range of clients, jobs and roles gives me more skills and experience to draw upon to help make some utterly cool stuff…

So why Bristol?


The initial plan, now changed, was to move to Australia on a permanent residency visa, but I had no pro-level work experience and nothing was going right for me back in Dublin.  I was stuck working in bars and restaurants while my peers were leaving me eating their dust, so it was time to do something to get out of that vicious circle.  London or Bristol were the best options and Bristol won out.


Soon enough after moving over back in 2004, I realised just exactly how much I utterly sucked at all things design & media related, so I kept plugging away at online design & motion graphics tutorials, knocking on doors, getting to know people.  Eventually, it all started to click and I was at last able to quit the final restaurant job for good.

2006 onwards

I spent my early career bumbling as an intern/junior in graphic and digital design companies, basically a clueless noob graduate clown, doing anything that came along for a while, before switching to working in the gallery in live TV.  I managed to turn that role into promo editing & motion graphics design, alongside being assistant vision mixer/director for a few years.  I also built up a wealth of experience behind the lens using miniDV/HDV cams and DSLRs from shooting and editing skate videos for a range of international board and shoe companies and these days occasionally help out Audiophiles TV for their Bristol Music TV Show feature articles.

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Or you can try checking out some of my old film photos if that’s your thing