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me looking like a badass – photo by @sharphoto – Brussels, Motive tour, July 2009.

I’ve got two words for you Sanch, “telly kinesis”

email – ciaran (at) ciaranoconnor (dot) com
phone – UK : +44 77 534 23105  ///  Ireland – +353 87 064 0671
skype – ciaran.oconnor

Online profiles & social networking:

Instagram – random snapshot nonsense and occasional motion graphics experiments
Instagram v2 – my favourite photos from my old shoe box full of negatives.
Vimeo – video grooviness.
LinkedIn – I can’t even pretend to act, look or sound corporate or business-man-like, ever.
Twitter – sporadic and various teachings & musings on the state of the world
Flickr – a whole load of old photos from 2008 onwards, mostly shot on film, some better than others.