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NSPCC – Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

An ambitious project earlier this winter done under the Aardman umbrella, which involved 2 of us working with director Magda Oskinska on the piece

editing & keying footage from the studio floor
dropping in a barrel-load of Flash character animations
animating Magda’s PSD’s and bringing them to life
working out how to make the folding & moving mechanisms look the part
building the whole lot into a pop-up book in E3D
compositing & timing the whole thing to the VO in AE.

This was a technically demanding project which needed a ton of expertise and experience from a ton of various previous jobs to get this job done, dusted and looking fresh. Fortunately on this one, we had the might of the Aardman juggernaut behind us to help with shooting well-lit footage, tech support and a crew of skilled individuals collaborating together.