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Dimensions released!

Now then, another rare, but meaty, update for the masses! Motive’s DVD, Dimensions, is done and dusted. Never fun when a deadline for something like this is brought forward by a month, but everything eventually worked itself out. After too much stress, ballache & a chronic lack of sleep that is, but the whooping and hollering from the crowd before, during and after the premiere night made it worthwhile, along with all the gargle folk bought me.

Dimensions is out around NOW with the October issue of Sidewalk magazine, which works out around 10,000 copies or so. Along with coming free with Motive boards, it’ll also be available for download from www.motiveskateboards.co.uk and the usual video sites when the following issue rolls around.

And speaking of which, that issue of Sidewalk features the annual epic tour DVD, The Big Push, which I shot/edited/directed the section for DC shoes. Second year I’ve done this, having done it last year with The Harmony – this time it was 5 days of constant cameraman action, shooting skating & documentary shenanigans around SE England. Personally, I’ve got to say I quite liked the little intro logo animation I made, well done me….

Intro to Dimensions

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