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Shitting hell, watch this epic showreel….

This is a savage way to live dangerously – your day is about to get SERIOUSLY FUCKING RAD, check this shit out, it’s well weapon… My quite frankly BANGING NEW showreel – and portfolio site, which I eventually finished up recently after much fighting with WordPress – this is 2 minutes of your life you’re not getting back…

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Shaun The Sheep Movie out now!

Well, check me out and chill… Last August I worked on a short motion graphics sequence for Aardman’s latest feature film, Shaun the Sheep Movie. Frequent collaborator and creative badass, one Gavin Strange, got me involved to animate and composite his designs into stop-motion scenes and shots.

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Champagne Supernova

I always love learning about space travel, the formation of stars, planets and the universe – as a kid I’d always spend hours pouring over an “artist’s impression” of a wormhole, space colony or black hole in all the science & space books I had – these days the glut of information about all this is overwhelming, but accessible and everywhere.

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