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Get Ebola

So I was casually farting around with serious purpose on Twitter last month and stumbled up on a tweet by comedian/writer David Schneider about UKIP’s proposed cut to the foreign aid budget. It struck a chord with me and thought it’d be cool to put some visuals to the words.

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Stuff for other people

These date back aaaages – firstly, it’s autumn 2012,. I was approached about making a showreel for branding/ad/marketing/web agency Five by Five (they do a lot of stuff). With this, I had to animate their static designs for use in their showreel, which meant I pulled apart all the PSDs they’d used to build websites, Facebook pages for TV shows, app walkthoughs and everything…

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In the park

Shit, almost a full year since an update? Furkin’ ‘ell moind.

As it’s happened, the vast majority of my work over the past 18 months has been of that “for internal use only” lark, or done white-label for big ad & digital agencies. Most of what you see here is what I’ve done in my spare time, which these days with a 2-year-old typhoon of the male…

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Make it shiny!

Quick hit turnaround on a rather unusual, and short, brief for an in-house safety video for Howdens Joinery Co.

“Make it shiny!” the director asked, “Like Match of the Day, or a sports broadcast…!”

Which is, of course, the first thing you think of for an in-house safety video, only this time round, the treatment was a tongue-in-cheek comedy cross…

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99 air balloons

This is the edit of around 50Gb of footage & stills I filmed at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta over the weekend of the 9th – 12th of August 2012, and promptly forgot about/had to put to one side due to a massive workload at the time and only now have I eventually made the time to finish this, current as ever…

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