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Diamond geezers

Another collaboration with Gav Strange! This time around it was part of the launch for 50-50 skate shop’s Diamond Supply Co. collection.

After much awkward 3D modelling, mainly trying to get it to match the flat 2D design, this came together – personally, I’m digging the refractions & reflections parts at the beginning. We projected it out on the walls of the…

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Spare keys

Clean forgot about this badboy and recently found it lurking in a dark corner of my hard drive. Dating back to late 2011, this was another fun-to-do collaboration with JamFactory on a pitch project which didn’t get picked up by the blokes with all the cash. Too bad, as it had potential to take over the world.

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No news/good news

Here’s a massive amount of work I did for Skinflicks’ TV ad for Betfair back in August & September – one of those jobs that lasted quite a while, partly as I also did the 3D work for the print campaign, yet a project that helped me learn a barrel-load of new skills, tricks and workflow techniques.

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2011 – the year when a lot happened…

2011 was super busy for me, thanks to all the agencies and companies who got me involved and were down for some collaborative all-round radness. Here’s a few of my favourite motion graphics pieces from during the year…

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Perspectives of various formats

I recently helped out good friend, citizen of Bray, Co.Wicklow and cinematographer of epic proportions Phil Evans with his Format Perspective documentary.

Bankrolled by clothing brand Carhartt, Format Perspective is a 1 hour documentary and extremely sexy coffee table book about the work, life, motivation, visual style and of 6 skateboard photographers from various parts of Europe,…

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