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Das Rad ist rad!

Das Rad ist rad!

Everything is looking cööls when it’s also being written on some German, ja?

“Rad” is German for bike, so simply put, the bike is rad…
Derailleurs, not so much, they just look fugly to be honest. Sturmey 3 speeds FTW.

This is just a little something I eventually developed after repeatedly saying to myself “Yeah, that bike is rad!” Or  “That’s rad, that Rad – as our friends in Berlin might say (or probably not) when I’d see a sleek 3-speed porteur, cafe racer or town bike.  None of that MB racer hybrid lurid overcooked ugliness – pass the vomit bucket please.

Redshift though, holy shitting hell. Still got a fuckton more to learn, it’s a sprawling beast of a render engine. Saying that, narrow depth of field shots are suddenly so quick and easy to render, I love it. It reminds me of when I got a DSLR & a 50mm prime lens in 2010 and everything I shot for the next year was with a narrow DoF….

Aaaaaand, if you throw a bokeh image into the camera, it helps with creating a soft chromatic abberration in the lens blur of the final image.