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Every now and again, I can spend some time between jobs working out how to do cool stuff with new plugins and make something all seasonal n’ shit, like this basic fluid test in AE with Newton.

What I did:

Used Newton 2’s downright savage physics engine to do a basic 2D fluid simulation, along with some badass design steez. I mean, look at this, it’s downright amazing… Hell yeah.

How I did it:

1. Make a ton of small circular shape layers or masked solids to act as your fluids – it would be fantastic to get Particular to do all this for you, but not quite yet.

2. Tweak an untold amount of settings god knows how many times and watch your dual Xeon workstation slow to a 5fps crawl while it works out the physics calculations on a couple of hundred layers.

3. When you’re done with Newton, make simulation look like liquid – add fast blur (10-15px), then simple choker and tweak to your taste by changing colours and adding cool shit wherever it’s needed.

It’s not perfect but for 2D mograph, it’s wicked. Newton 2 has huuuuuge potential, really gotta use it more!