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Blue Monday

This was an experiment to link several sound effectors together to drive the animation in 3D.  Basically, to get the animation controlled by the sound, which is TOTALLY FUCKING BANGING!!11

So, Blue Monday is roundly said to be that one miserable Monday, 2-3 weeks into January where the weather is shit, pay day is still 2 weeks away, and, well, it’s January.  It’s shit.  No two ways to say it.

Saying that, the Blue Monday I far prefer is that banging tune by New Order from 1983, subject to a re-release in 1988 and again with a savage remix by acid techno overlords Hardfloor in 1995.

So taking the rear cover of Power Corruption and Lies as a starting point and using Cycles 4D for the materials and rendering, I animated the 3D version using the basslines, mids and trebles to feed into the sound effector to make things move and whatnot.  Some months later, I was looking back over it and decided I can improve it by doing the texturing and rendering with Redshift, so I did and it did.