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Tech Noir

The word-play you imagine with Tech Noir will make you feel you are Eternity itself.

It’s almost Techno – whether it’s the hard minimalism of Berghain, Jeff Mills, Ellen Alien or Hardfloor is up to you – and then Noir has sinister connotations of mystery, intrigue, danger, suspense and crime from the 50s.  And for a mono-syllabic word, it really makes your face pull some interesting looking shapes.

But, sling the two together and straight away, you’re in a nightclub, while a 2m tall, bi-pedal cyborg* assassin, guns down all around you in a vain attempt to kill you ahead of giving birth to the future leader of the resistance.  Shit, I didn’t even know I was pregnant.  Or a woman.

Goddamn, gotta get out of here and escape into an 80s video game world inspired by grids, neon, glows and ripply sunsets from with big fuck off text and starglows, straight out of Synthwave Land in the RetroFuture, textured and rendered with Cycles 4D for added steez/cheese.

Only 3 years too late to be remotely current though…

*say this word without Ned Flanders’ voice in your head.  I dare you.