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BBC Mixital- Vizii

So the email from my friend George, a digital producer in Aardman, was straight the jugular with the hard sell, “this project is gonna be SUPER COOL!1!!”.   And, to give the man his due, it was.  One of those unicorn projects I’d heard all about before, which would be great design, cutting edge application of technology, bad-ass coding, carte blanche to do what you like and all in a fully fledged, properly paid project.

What it is:

Basically, this is an online music visualiser which the fine peeps at Aardman Digital developed for the BBC’s Mixital, a series of digital creative tools made by the BBC for da yoot to get involved with.  Imagine an editable version of the visualiser in iTunes (ctrl/cmd + T) and you’re pretty much there – check https://www.mixital.co.uk/channel/bbc-introducing-vizii for more.

How I did it:

Maxin’ in the studio with the all the fun of the fair that AE brings to the party, with a dash of assorted plug-ins like Element3d, Plexus and Form for good measure.

What I did:

Showed up on a sunny, crisp Tuesday morning in April, with wacom in bag, ready to spread a new layer of awesomeness all over the place through the medium of digital animation and generally sitting there looking like a G.

The brief was basic enough – I had to make a bunch of a veritable fuckton of animations that would seamlessly loop, be small enough to be used in a particle system – things like revolving cubes, hexagons, morphing circles, glowing balls, cogs, gear systems, atoms, molecules, arcs, cells, mitosis, plexus geometry, radio waves…. that sort of thing, along with making a slew of stand-alone cool abstract animations.

Other bits and pieces I ended up doing was taking other artist’s, like RichT and Melbs, digital creations, smashing them into layers, then animating them before code thinker Stefan wanged all our assets into and out of the interweb discombobulating particle generator and made something usable and viable.