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So Gav Jam Factory Strange hit me up about the launch of his second wave of Droplets vinyl toys –

“Hey Ciaran, you interested in putting together a quick animation for the Droplets 2 launch?”
“Sure, sent me over some logos and whatnot, I’ll see what I can do… How will you use it?”
“We’re going to project it on the night onto the wall outside 50-50, the one with the Banksy mural, like some sort of Bat-signal. Any idea as to what you’re gonna do?”
“Well, I’ve been trying my hand at learning Cinema 4D, there could be some potential here, let me take care of it…”

Fired up Illustrator, prepped the logo for C4D, exported & composited it in After Effects for my first working project with Cinema – and thus began my love/hate relationship with it. Some days, it works like a charm, other days it’s a cruel mistress. Or it’s just me being a fuckwit. The launch featured a gallery/exhibit with 50 artists and designers personalising some blank Droplets, a queue of a couple hundred fans & assorted boffins snaking patiently up Park Street and this thing playing on repeat on the wall outside…

Get on down with the interweb geekout at jam-factory.com and at Droplet’s flickr pool.