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Elite Club Skate Co.

Elite Club is a new board brand out of Rufus skate shop in Barcelona. Long time friend and collaborator of mine, one Danny Wainwright, is a co-owner and graphic designer of Elite Club and asked me to put an animation together based off the logo, along with animating the board graphics themselves, for the launch night back in May 2017. Here’s some of the 3D work and sound design I did.

Hit up facebook.com/eliteclubskateco/ for more

What it is:

Logo animation – one of my all time classics where somebody, usually a friend, knows how awesome I am at all this stuff, and gives me a logo with the instruction simply to animate it.  Based off some of my other projects and the odd reference clip here and there, this is what I came up with.

How I did it:

A hefty measure of Cinema 4D with an equal amount of AE and a dash of Premiere.   I’d previously done some work for Danny on the 50-50 x Diamond project some years back and his idea that it was a savage piece of awesomeness which could look similar to the Elite Club project.  I worked on a few different colourways, settling in the end on 2 – one chrome and one metallic white treatment. Looks cool yeah?