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Five by Five showreel

I was approached about making a showreel for Southampton-based branding/ad/marketing/web agency Five by Five – they do a lot of different stuff. With this, I had to animate their static designs for use in their showreel, which meant I pulled apart all the PSDs they’d used to build websites, Facebook pages for TV shows, app walk-thoughs and incorporate this with exisiting video assets.

Not easy or quick, but I still managed to some new tricks and gained a couple of new clients in the process.

What I did:

Prepped website PSDs for animation in AE, threw those layers around in Z-space a bit, made them look the part.
Build some basic app walkthroughs, then composite them inside some C4D renders, show those naughty pixels who’s boss.
Edit the whole lot together to the client’s tune of choice.

How I did it:

Diligince, attention to details and a canny knack for mograph wizardry.