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Make it shiny!

Quick hit turnaround on a rather unusual, and short, brief for an in-house safety video for Howdens Joinery Co. done with those fine folks at Scubaboy Inc.

What I did:

“Make it shiny!” the director asked, “Like Match of the Day, or a sports broadcast…!”

So I did – I took the logo into C4D, did stuff, composited it in AE, hit the Make-It-Look-Awesome button (Optical Flares), which made it look awesome.  And shiny.

Which is, of course, the first thing you think of for an in-house safety video, only this time round, the treatment for the entire project was a cross between MOTD, The Apprentice & any number of major sports broadcasts featuring studio puntidry. Unusual, but it worked.

How I did it:

With C4D, AE and a small dose of rendering panic.  I did this in at the excellent Scubaboy Inc. who pretty much gave me a logo & left me to it – and this, my good friends, is the result…