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Microsoft 2013 UK Partner Conference video

More digital whizz-bangery in conjunction with MZ, this time for the UK leg of the Microsoft Partner conference. This time around, things were a lot easier to manage, despite the workflow being as hefty and the deadline tighter than before. MZ gave me a stack of PSDs, which I rebuilt, rearranged and resurrected into this fine piece of flowing animation, before adding tunes and sound effects.

Animation/mograph by me, design by Chris Yeates.

The Change of a Lifetime

Another piece of animation work for Microsoft again through digital agency bigwigs Mason Zimbler. This was used in an on-stage keynote speech for Microsoft’s annual Partner Network Conference in the Washington, D.C. in July 2010 and again in their UK conference in October about the industry-wide shift to cloud computing services.

2 weeks of work crammed into 1 on a 2008 4Gb RAM/dual pentium 2.6 Ghz Macbook Pro, many late nights, several crashed renders, much gnashing of teeth and unparalleled skill and determination gave rise to this badboy.

This video clip was brought to you by MZ, all the coffee in Columbia, a hefty supply of fruit, sushi and Magic Roll.

Animation/mograph by me, design by Chris Yeates.