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MZ showreel

In October 2013 I took on this big batch of work for a long-standing client of mine, digital agency Mason Zimbler, and this was animating & editing their showreel.

What I did:

The vast majority of their work consists of websites, infographics & various ad campaigns, mainly digital content rather than “pure” motion graphics. So I took a handful of (well, close to 15) their static web infographics (some 7500px high, with 500+ layers), organised them for animation in After Effects and added the magic sparkly stuff. Granted, none were never meant to be animated in the first place, several didn’t make it in at all, but animating each layer, adding camera moves and then speeding them up somewhat in the edit made for a killer piece.

Along with the infographics are animated website builds, 3d books, app walkthroughs and composites with 3D models – again stripped down, organised & renamed before animating them all into shot in AE & C4D. Quite a workload for one man, but it looks well, with plenty of blink-&-you’ll-miss-it details dropped in here, there and everywhere.

How I did it:

Blasting away at the coalface with some heavy-hitting, high-powered expressions which let me animate hundreds of layers with just a handful of keyframes and focus on adding 3D camera moves into the mix.
Throwing these animations into composites with tablets, phones and whatnot.
Once again, my dual Xeon, 64Gb workstation, the Gangster of Love, was my standout power tool, munching through all the tasks I threw at it.

Shortly after finishing up that one, I started on MZ’s Christmas video mailout which was based on an infographic they made for 2012. Animating this one didn’t make the final cut for their showreel, so with a little repurposing of the infographic by MZ’s design studio, I got busy with quick-hit animation in and out. Again, it was a deliberately fast animation with lots of little throwaway details, all set to the wonderous muzak of the 12 Days Of Christmas…

Digital agencies, you really do need me to help out on something like this, get in contact!