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Other work

Other assorted titbits from a few years which you may, or may not, be interested to read about…

Format Perspective DVD

I helped out good friend, citizen of Bray, Co.Wicklow and cinematographer of epic proportions Phil Evans with authoring his Format Perspective documentary.

Bankrolled by clothing brand Carhartt, FP is a 1 hour documentary and extremely sexy coffee table book about the work, life, motivation, visual style and of 6 skateboard photographers from various parts of Europe, ranging from the pro-am enthusiast to the magazine editor to the fine artist to the team manager and everything in between. It’s shot entirely on Super 8 movie film and made with bits of real panther, so you know it’s good.

My minor role once Phil hit the edit suite was to give pep talks, act as a motivational coach, tech support goon & general all-round legend, but most importantly, author the DVD for PAL and NTSC (including Japanese subtitles), which was fun and took me aaaaages to get right, thanks to accidentally scaling the text for the buttons from 36px to 37.867283px.

Anyway, the finished book is well crafted and bound, and most importantly, features a shitton of images created by the photographers over the course of the film – pick up a copy for yourself at formatperspective.com and your life will be complete.

Toshiba 3D TV demo

This was an interesting project, largely down to trying to work out what worked best, stereoscopic 3d vs true 3d when displayed on a large bad-ass Toshiba TV. Turned out that creating the Tomorrow’s World style super-tech true 3D graphics for their latest batch of top-of-the-line 3D TVs was a lot more convoluted & awkward than first imagined, largely down to the stereoscopic vs true quandary, which only reared its head once assembling the graphics & the edit were involved.

That meant a bit of lateral thinking and reworking the project and gave us something that looked mightily impressive, particularly when wearing a pair of high-end 3D glasses.

Other Toshiba goodies

Alongside the 3D project, I’ve done a load of various pieces for Toshiba through digital bigwigs Mason Zimbler, such as landing page videos for their website, high-end motion graphics presentations, animated ad hoardings in Premiership football matches and in-store laptop promotional screensavers, ad stings and in-store promo videos, amongst others…

Sidewalk magazine

The last major article I wrote for Sidewalk was on Art, Skateboarding and Life, a collection of work/anthology of former New Deal & Underworld Element lynchpin, designer/artist extraordinaire Andy Howell. As a young lad in the early 90s, I pretty much worshipped Andy and the iconic New Deal, so I was psyched when asked to write this article, which turned out to be fascintating, for me at least! I can’t praise his work highly enough – Andy Howell spearheaded a massive change in how the skate industry was run in the late 80s, along with providing some iconic work which has still lasted to this day. Not only that, but starting off a business with Dave Kinsey and Shepherd Fairey? Can’t front on that one bit. Andy Howell, we salute you.

Amongst others, another major article I wrote and researched for them was about the effects downloading/pirating DVDs is having on the industry, from the global corporations to the independent struggling producer/director, which I also illustrated – read it in bold print, we holdin it down!

Kingpin magazine

I have also written some occasional articles for Kingpin magazine, a European skate magazine published in English, French, Spanish and German (global distribution). A while back, they ran a series of 4 lighthearted, instructional articles I wrote about shooting, editing and distributing skate videos, along with a handful of regular contributions & reviews of classic “CDs you should own” and “films you should see”… Proper lifestyle guidance from me right there folks.