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Take The Keys

Take The Keys was a pitch project for a content-heavy website done in conjunction with Vans shoes – the concept was based on showcasing the shenanigans of a group of professional skateboarders, their team-mates & friends living & passing through a plush apartment in Barcelona. The site would follow the daily adventures of various pro & am skaters as they wander out and about the city each day, shoot some tricks, interviews, show some behind-the-scenes action, providing a daily stream of content which would pay for itself through ad space & affiliate sponsorship. Great idea, but the moneymen didn’t take it up. Too bad.

What I did:

Stripped down Gav’s .AI files, animated them and added some C4D sexiness when necessary, made some goddamn animated awesomeness out of some sexified 2D graphics.

How I did it:

Keyframing the bejaysus out of those pixels, get busy with expressions and smoothing the fuck out of some animation curves.  Look at them flow…

Animation by me, design by JamFactory.